UDOSSON://MREDIT Tour Juni 2010

Posted on Samstag, Mai 1st, 2010 at 16:42

UDOSSON is releasing his debut album “kurz unter land” on Petite:Unique Records 28 May 2010.

He’ll be presenting his new ambient clicks ‘n tings audio-visually: UDOSSON://MREDIT!

28.05.10 UDOSSON://MREDIT @ Paris Syndrom, Leipzig
07.06.10 UDOSSON://MREDIT @ BreiPott, Berlin
08.06.10 UDOSSON://MREDIT @ damenundherren, Düsseldorf
13.06.10 UDOSSON://MREDIT @ AZ Conni, Dresden
18.06.10 UDOSSON://MREDIT @ Sichtbar, Hamburg
19.06.10 UDOSSON://MREDIT @ Makrele, Hamburg
*udosson audio-visuell*

Teaser: Vimeo

We hope to see you at one or more of their shows.

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